About Us



Carmel Mount Freight Logistics is a dynamic clearing &forwarding, shipping and logistics service provider with years of experience. Known for offering reliable and efficient freight forwarding and clearing service throughout the world, Carmel Mount Freight Logistics focus’ on delivering dedicated personalised service. As competition continues to intensify, service quality has remained a crucial determinant in creating overall customer satisfaction. Championed by a well-established worldwide network from shipping lines to other prominent agents, Carmel Mount Freight Logistics offers a wide range of services including container liner, supply chain and transportation services.

The company is committed to a continuous quest for excellence and efficiency in order to maintain its competitive pricing. Along with its highly trained professionals and superior industry standard, Carmel Mount Freight Logistics enjoys good business relations with its partners, airlines, shipping lines, agents and other cargo handlers sustaining its smooth, secure and prompt cargo delivery.

Special Programs and/or Projects
Carmel Mount Freight Logistics is involved in local and regional industry lobby groups – Shipping Council of East Africa (SCEA), Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). In doing so, we have an advantage in our capability to offer advice to our customers on the changing industry/market trends to help them avoid pit falls and ultimately gain an upper hand.